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Most productions at Olney Theatre Center come with a quick rating that corresponds to those used by the Motion Picture Association of America. Since those ratings are imperfect and different patrons have different concerns, we created this more in-depth guide. It allows you advance knowledge of specific content that may or may not be deemed problematic or triggering. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions prior to purchasing tickets if you have concerns. Please note that all ticket sales are final.

2023-24 Season Content Guidance


Language: damn, piss, pee pee, nigga, many mentions of death, killing, blood, shooting, and guns

Violence: one depiction of a bullet wound, references to death, child deaths, gun violence, and gang violence

Sexual Content: references to being “felt up” and “X-rated stuff,” kiss on cheek and lips

Adult Behavior: references to drugs and drug use, depictions of smoking tobacco, and use of the middle finger

Other: strong plot points of planning murder, loud gunshot sound effect, use of prop gun, mourning, loss of loved ones, talking with ghosts

If this were a film it would be rated PG for violent themes


Language: damn, hell, asshole, Jesus, crazy, shit

Violence: verbal aggression towards partner, reference to putting a woman in chains

Sexual Content: frequent passionate kissing, a male character taking off his shirt, allusions to an extramarital affair

Adult Behavior: teen pregnancy, alcohol consumption, a tumultuous marriage and divorce, reference to “smoking grass,” references to extramarital affairs 

Other: joking reference to suicide, depiction of a nervous breakdown

If this were a film it would be rated PG for adult themes


2024-25 Season Content Guidance


Language: hell, damnationm, damn, s.o.b. – “son of a bitch,” Negro, Christ on the mountain, bullshitters, godforsaken, for God’s sake, pissing.

Violence: References to death, war/combat, casualties, shooting/bombing, racial violence, conquering, concentration camps, holding a hostage, beating someone up, and domestic corporal punishment. There is a joke about a politician hanging himself. 

Adult Behavior: References to smoking, drinking, marriage, and “flipping the bird.”

Sexual Content: n/a

Other: Discussions about political parties and belief systems around American government from the POV of President Eisenhower. References to religion, racial discrimination, politics, government corruption, colonialism, name-calling, and a brief reference to undernourishment. Mention of loss from that of a parent and that of a child through sickness. 

If this were a film, it would be rated PG for discussions of war violence and use of strong language.


Language: n/a

Violence: Magical violence, mentions of killing, brief moments of physical assault.

Adult Behavior: Depiction of kissing, mentions of alcohol and drinking, mention of nudity.

Sexual Content: n/a

Other: References to death and killing. Depictions of depression, fear, and isolation.

If this were a film, it would be rated PG, like the film version, for themes that can be dark for some children.


Synopsis: Ebenezer Scrooge lives a dismal life without family, friends, or a love for anything but money. One Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of his former business partner and then three spirits urging him to examine the state of his past, present, and future life. Based on the classic story by Charles Dickens.

Language: This production is a one-man show using the original text of Dickens' short story. The Victorian-era language may take some getting-used-to for younger audience members. The word “ass” is used in reference to a donkey. There is a lot of discussion surrounding death, including the death of the protagonist and a child.

Adult Behavior: Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling: Mention of beer, punch, and wine.

Sexual Content: None.

Violence: None.

For which audiences: Ages 11+ 

If this were a film: It would be rated G, although because of the format and Victorian language we recommend it for ages 11 and up. View Frequently Asked Questions about this production.


Language: shit, holy shit, ass, dumbass, damn, bullshit, hell, dammit, piss drunk, vagina, goddammit, goddamn,  “sweet thang,” friggin, getting laid, boobies, jerk, sex, asshole, condom, hussy, “sexual dynamo,” multi-orgasmic, drugs.

Violence: Depiction of an abusive relationship between Jenna and Earl. It is alluded to in a flashback sequence that Jenna’s parents were also in an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse, physical aggression, manipulative and controlling behavior, and references to fearing for her own life when it comes to leaving her relationship. References to death/loss of life and threatening of self-harm. 

If you or someone you love needs help, call or text the National Domestic Violence Hot Line at 800-799-7233.

Adult Behavior: Depiction of cheating, marital affairs, drinking and drunkenness. References to alcoholism, marriage, divorce, a restraining order, pregnancy, and conversations about female breasts and spotting. 

Sexual Content: Depiction of heavy kissing, touching, and displays of intimacy. Sex is simulated onstage between 3 couples with references to spanking, riding, and cumming in the same sequence. Sexual innuendos are made throughout the show mostly in the form of cheeky pie names and recipes. References to protected and unprotected sex, sperm and ejaculatory dysfunction, female ovaries, and stalking. 

Other: References to not wanting a child and an inference to abortion as an option. There is a stereotypical “old man” character trope who makes harsh comments about the past women he has been with. There are references to loss of job, jabs about a woman putting on weight, and using drugs in the scope of medical surgery. 

If this were a film, it would be rated PG-13 for sexual and mature content.


Language: damn, bitch, son of a bitch, rapist, cunt, fuck, shit, oloshi,  bastards, omo ale, bludclart, bullshit, clusterfuck, Jesus, God, Jesu Christi, Blood of Jesus, “wastegirl,” temptress, pussy, cheap-ass, satanist, orgy, “wretched demon,” babe, seance, “bare girls.”

A note from the author, “...young people swear, maybe not in front of you but they do. I wanted to write a play about a bunch of girls who resist respectfully which is often forced and projected onto black girls. These are characters pushing back against having their language policed.” – Matilda Feyisayo Ibini

Violence: References to death, drowning, sexual assault, homophobia, LGBT+ conversion therapy, beating, bullying, and being murdered by serial killers and white boyfriends. Threats about acts of violence are made from a parent to a child for being queer and to an ex-girlfriend. There is a reference to self-harm in the form of pinching.

Adult Behavior: Underage drinking and drunkenness, consuming a “tablet,” and using the middle finger. 

Sexual Content: Depiction of a same-sex kiss onstage. Frank discussions of sexual content take place but aren’t depicted. These discussions include dating and marriage, kissing, sex, masturbation, an orgy, being fingered, touching each other, and the male gaze. Discussions of puberty with references to menstruation, a female bush, and at one point the girls jokingly describe what a penis looks like. There are mentions of sex trafficking, and a rape alarm and what it is used for.

Phrases like “popping your cherry” and “using protection” are used in the opening of the play. These phrases rely on the knowledge of their sexual context but are used in a humourous context to describe unrelated content. 

Other: Depiction of Sickle Cell Crisis and chronic illness with reference to the physical and mental toll long-term illnesses take on the individual and their loved ones. Discussions of ageism, ableism, chronic illness and medical treatment, disability, religion and brainwashing, slavery, loss of parents, grief/bereavement, bullying (fat-shaming and name calling), and illegally pirating videos. Additional references to charms/incantations are made throughout the show such as performing curses and spells with the mention of using an animal as a blood sacrifice.

If this were a film, it would be rated PG-13 for strong language and crude sexual references. 


Language: shit, bitch, fuck, damn.

Violence: References to death and suicide.  

Adult Behavior: References to underage drinking and drunkenness.

Sexual Content: Depiction of same-sex kissing on stage. Discussions eluding to sexually explicit writing.

Other: Depression and suicide, depictions of grief. Depictions of neurodivergency, homophobia, and racism. Familial trauma and mental illness. This is a new play and as such, the script is still in-progress. Every effort will be made to update this content description as the new versions become available.

If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for strong language and intense conversations.


Language: shit, “pimping the Jesus now,” damn, ass, fuck, bitched, “ladda mercy.” 

Violence: Depiction of physical grappling. References to conflict, slavery, violence/death over stealing, parents passing, and child corporal punishment.

Adult Behavior: References to stealing and marriage/divorce.

Sexual Content: References to kissing.

Other: References to racism and racial stereotypes, gentrification, rehab, religion, and queerness.

If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for strong language and intense conversations.

A Synetic Theater production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM

Language: n/a

Violence: Two comedic fights, involving slapstick and magic.

Sexual Content: 4 characters comedically strip down to their underwear during the course of a fight. Simulated crotch grab during a fight for comedic effect.

Adult Behavior: Two men fight over one woman, leading to the aforementioned fights.

Other: One scene involving a nightmare in which a snake threatens one of the female characters.

If this were a film it would be rated PG for some adult moments.

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