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Most productions at Olney Theatre Center come with a quick rating that corresponds to those used by the Motion Picture Association of America. Since those ratings are imperfect and different patrons have different concerns, we created this more in-depth guide. It allows you advance knowledge of specific content that may or may not be deemed problematic or triggering. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions prior to purchasing tickets if you have concerns. Please note that all ticket sales are final.

2023-24 Season Content Guidance


Language: Ass, hell, shit, dear Lord, goddamn, crap, "oh, my God", Jesus Christ, "schizoid"

Violence: References to a fatal car accident and witnessing death as a paramedic. Depictions of: multiple attacks by a ghost (jump scares, flying objects, macabre apparition in a horror-movie style); a heart attack; lethal smothering with a pillow.

Sexual Content: Depiction of a couple cuddling in bed and kissing once.

Other: Depression and suicide, altered states, caring for loved ones with mental illness, and the trauma of displacement are central topics throughout. References to displacement from Hurricane Katrina; schizophrenia and hallucinations; alcohol abuse; funerals, especially Thai funeral traditions; and gambling addiction. Depictions of ghosts and grief.

If you or someone you love is in crisis, call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 9-8-8.

If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for violent themes, discussions of mental illness and suicide, supernatural violence, and strong language.


Language: n/a

Adult Behavior: Drinking, drunkenness, and references to drinking

Violence: Threats and acts of anti-Semitic violence, song references to domestic violence, reference to death of a character, an intense supernatural dream scene that some children might find frightening

Sexual Content: n/a

Other: Themes of religious intolerance of Jewish culture, challenges to patriarchal authority

If this were a film it would be rated G.

A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas

Synopsis: Ebenezer Scrooge lives a dismal life without family, friends, or a love for anything but money. One Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of his former business partner and then three spirits urging him to examine the state of his past, present, and future life. Based on the classic story by Charles Dickens.

Language: This production is a one-man show using the original text of Dickens' short story. The Victorian-era language may take some getting-used-to for younger audience members. The word “ass” is used in reference to a donkey. There is a lot of discussion surrounding death, including the death of the protagonist and a child.

Adult Behavior: Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling: Mention of beer, punch, and wine.

Sexual Content: None.

Violence: None.

For which audiences: Ages 11+ 

If this were a film: It would be rated G, although because of the format and Victorian language we recommend it for ages 11 and up. View Frequently Asked Questions about this production.


Language: Italian insults (pazzo, strega, idiota, puttana), tramp, boobs, crazy, lunatic, sexiest, dammit, madwoman, idiot, hell, made love

Violence: threats of violence about stabbing and strangulation and self-harm, drugging someone, 

Adult Behavior: drinking, pills, references to extramarital affairs

Sexual Content: heavy kissing, many sexual innuendos, allusions to nonconsensual sex, stripping down to underclothes, allusions to nudity, “fade to black” sex scene

Other: references to suicide and self-harm, references to death and dead bodies (character is mistaken as dead but is merely unconscious), stereotypical depictions of Italian and Dutch people, references to police arrest

If this were a film, it would be rated PG-13 for sexual content.


Language: "oh my Gd" (without the "o"), ass, fuck, hell, hooker, dumb, bastard, motherfucker, shit, stupid, anal. In Farsi: chaye, aghaboftadeh, and haroomzadeh.

Violence: References to death, murder, beating, domestic abuse, political and faith-based violence (ie., Iranian Revolution), suicidal thinking, and gun violence.

Sexual Content: References to dating and marriage, kissing, and sexual harassment. Brief reference to anal sex and intercourse.

Adult Behavior: References to smoking, drinking, and alcohol abuse.

Other: References to Anti-Semitism and gender discrimination. 

If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for adult references.


Language: Scottish insults, heavy Scottish dialect and slang for some characters

Violence: references to the death of a whale

Adult Behavior: n/a

Sexual Content: n/a

If this were a film it would be rated G for all families


Language: damn, piss, pee pee, nigga, many mentions of death, killing, blood, shooting, and guns

Violence: depictions of bullet wounds, references to death, child deaths, gun violence, and gang violence

Sexual Content: references to being “felt up” and “X-rated stuff,” kiss on cheek and lips

Adult Behavior: references to drugs and drug use, depictions of smoking tobacco

Other: strong plot points of planning murder, mourning, loss of loved ones, talking with ghosts

If this were a film it would be rated PG for violent themes


Language: damn, hell, asshole, Jesus, crazy, shit

Violence: verbal aggression towards partner, reference to putting a woman in chains

Sexual Content: frequent passionate kissing, a male character taking off his shirt, allusions to an extramarital affair

Adult Behavior: teen pregnancy, alcohol consumption, a tumultuous marriage and divorce, reference to “smoking grass,” references to extramarital affairs 

Other: joking reference to suicide, depiction of a nervous breakdown

If this were a film it would be rated PG for adult themes

Past 23-24 Shows


Language: Fuck, fucking, goddamn, damn, bullshit, bastard, bollocks, Jesus, bloody, cock, bloody hell, hell, idiot, masturbate, pussy, helluva, smutty

Adult Behavior: Drinking and references to drinking, smoking and references to smoking

Violence: references to death, reference to murder, reference to blood, reference to beating, 

Sexual Content: references to kissing, references to nudity, sexual innuendos, references to sex

If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for strong language, sexual references, adult behavior, and violent themes.


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