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Thank you to our generous donors, who enable us to produce first-rate and groundbreaking productions year after year.

Visionary Circle
Linda August

Cathy S. Bernard

Bob and Eveline Roberts

Mr. Vernon L. Skinner Jr.



Alice Barrett Mack

Margaret T. Roper and Clifford L. Johnson



Sanford and Bettye Ames

Barron P. Hall, DVM

Helen Marshall

Karen and Phil Rabin

John R. and Andrea Z. Urciolo

Ray and Ellen Youstra




Joan Elise Dubinsky and Craig N. Packard

Pat Fauver

Susan and Jay Finkelstein

Barry and Marie Fleishman

Suzanne and Bruce Glassman

Merle Haberman

Meg & John Hauge

Robert E. Hebda

Lane Jennings

Mary and Stephen Klein

Linda T. Myers and Charles N. Myers

Jillian Rose

Margaret Ann Ross

Thomas J. and Lindsay Senker

Katherine and Craig Thornton

Irene and Steven White

Patricia Woodbury

Mr. Thomas Zutic and Mr. William L. Mitchell




Connie and Larry Aaronson

Bola and Mackens Audena

Deborah and Bruce Berman

Mr. and Mrs. David Bottegal

George and Kristie Bradford

Kathy and Brian Chappell

The Paul J & Eileen S DeMarco Stewardship Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of USAA Giving Fund

The Galen Miller Fund at the Cleveland Foundation

Robert J. and Liane A. Giardina

Hal and Karen Gordon

Mr. Tom Haard & Ms. Joan Hoffmann

Paul Henderson

Ronny Herrig and Jay Jett*

Ms. Winifred E. Herrmann

Nettie Horne

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Z. Kaufman

Sean and Laura Klein

Jaculine Koszczuk & Joseph Sobczyk

Margarete D. Levy

Jason Loewith

Kathy and John Lyons

Jacqueline and Tom Manger

Maggie and Tico McCready

Steve Phan & Rick Poster

Mr. and Ms. William Phillips

Kiati Plooksawasdi and Natalie Sukonta

Andi and Louis Sacks

Alda and Jerry Simpson

Carl W. Smith and Michael L. Burke

John and Pamela Spears

Lois Taylor and Stephen Simpson

Mr. Paul L. Tilley

Elissa and Ben Wolf




Matthew and Heather Ahrens

Richard and Sunny Banvard

Lynne Barnes

Holly & Dennis Blackledge

Susan and Dixon Butler

Stephen and Maria-Rose Cain

Glen and Robin Cameron

Paul and Kathleen Casey

The Helaine Resnick and Darrell Chodorow Family Foundation

Irving Cohen

Ed and Leslie Cronin

Steve Danielson and Dr. Kenneth Hoyle

Stephen and Maryann Dembek

M. Charlene Dorrian

Jennie* and David Drasin

The Ellinghaus Family

Gary Fontaine and O'Shelya Brown

Robert and Carole Fontenrose

Mrs. Mary Graham

William Hanson and Gail Lieberman

Rob and Shar Hellie

David C. Humm

Patricia Knapp and Ronald Tipton

Ike & Catherine Leggett

Robert E. Liles, II

Cathy MacNeil-Hollinger and Mark Hollinger

John and Lynn Mahoney

Brent* and Sharon Malcolm

Craig and Lorraine Martin

Deborah M. Mass

Susan McCarthy

Maureen McNeill

Ms. Helaine S. Morss

Leonard and Anna Pfeiffer

Ms. Mary K. Robitaille

Maggi Root Charitable Trust

Robert W. Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schupak

Roger and Barbara Schwarz

Allison Stockman

Rusty Suter in Loving memory of Dick and Nancy Thomas

The Tontalas

Linda Traficanti

Sandy and Alan Wade

Thomas and Tara Watts




Sarah and John Anderson

Greg and Patty Argyros

Dean and Jo Aulick

Merle and Nancy Biggin

David Briggs and John Benton

Martin Buzas

James and Ellen Callahan

Stephany Chaconas

Theresa M. Coletti

Scott and Athena Dalrymple

James and Susan David

David Dunn

Heidi and Mitch Dupler

W. B. Erwin

Leroy and Doris Evans

Gary & Christina Fernandes

Matt Fetters & Laura Graham Fetters

Gregory Flowers

Nancy Fortna

Andrew and Chris Fox

Lucian and Lynn Furrow

Chas Hausheer & Sheila Sweeney

Corinne Heiliger

Robert and Irene Henrick

Jack R. Hessler

Michael Hoffmann Hughes

Richard and Debra Hughes

Jonathan Jerison

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jourdenais

Andi Kasarsky

Cindy Lefkowitz

Mr. Richard W. Ley

Carol and Tim Leydig

Paul and Susan Linz

Carol Loewith

Jennifer Lubitz

Eric and Dawn Luedtke

Leigh Martin

Nicki and Mike Mazza

R. Wesley Meekins

David Mendick & Naomi Yadin-Mendick

Dan and Cathy Milano

Irv Newman

Glenn F. Nyre

Mariah and Christopher Payne

William and Connie Perry

Deepti & Sushil Rattan

Linda Ravdin and Don Shapero

Tracey Reeder

Elizabeth Sawyerr

Peter and Julia Shawhan

Sue Jenkins Shawhan

Don and Debbie Shulman

Cora and Murray Simpson Family Fund

Robert and Maria Sjogren

David Sorensen and Beth Burrell

Susan Stracquatanio and Jeff Jones

Carolyn and James Terry

Mr. Peter Threadgill

Paul and Deborah Vale

Marc Walton and Tova Stifano

Diane Ward Lett and Paul Lett

Richard and Alice Wegman

George A. and Katherine C. Whitehouse

Bobbie and Tom Wolf



Amy & Bill Alexander

Lori Anderson

Martha Anderson and Christopher Carlson

Alan and Susan Apter

Tom and Marilyn Bagel

Susan and Robert Bailey

Linda Barrett & Emily Harris

Barb Baumann & Mike Conrad

Thomas H. Benner

Fran and Harvey Berger

Ms. Deborah Berlyne & Danny Bachman

Stanley and Linda Berman

Gavin and Claire Bloch

Diane Boehr

Ron and Rita Boisvert

Mr. Dario J. Broccolino Esq.

William and Anna-Marie Butler

Ms. Nancy Cohen

Ms. Georgette E. Cole

Pat Corridon

Kaye Craft

Robert A. Crim

Susan and Pete Manzelli

Phyllis Derrick & Stephen Simko

Alison Drucker and Tom Holzman

Gana Dunlop

Phyllis and Murray Eisenberg

Peter Feiler

Herbert and Caren Ford

Eileen & Howard Forman

Laura Forman & Richard Bender

Paul and Marguerite Frampton

David Friedman & Donna Potemken

Leonard Friedman and Randi Passamaneck

Noreen and Michael Friedman

Rhonda Friedman and James Rafferty

Barbara Fugate & Kazuo Yaginuma

Karen Garbrick

Denise Giacomozzi and Jan May

Jonah Green and Lori Rothfeld

Mr. Edward G. Grossman & Ms. Rochelle Stanfield

Bonnie and Alan Hammerschlag

Carol Hayes-Gegner & John Gegner

Austin and Sara Henry

Elizabeth Hiner

Marcia C. Hinkle

Karen Horrocks

Jo Anne Johnson

The Judge Family

Andrew Kagan

Stuart and Sherry Kaswell

Mr. Michael Kelley & Ms. Jill Huchital

Elizabeth S. King

Aimee and Emanuel Kokotakis

Mr & Mrs Stephen Kovarcik

Leslie and Michael Krainak

The Honorable Benjamin Kramer

Tom Lansford

Daryl Leach

Eric and Gail Leeds

Darrell Lemke and Maryellen Trautman

The Lewanda Family

Eric Lienhard and Heidi Ann Splane

Kathryn Lindquist

Laurie and Len Lipton

Gregory and Marina Lowen

Mr. Scott Lutrey

Wes MacAdam

Katie Marcotte

Jeff M. Menick

Richard & Maureen Mercier

Ina Meyer

Frederick and Elizabeth Montgomery

Dr. Sara Moran

Ronald & Cappie Morgan

Dale Mott and Kenneth Hyle

Ron Murch and Natanya Nobel

John Nickum

Berverly Ornberg, PhD

Stan Peabody

Susan Penn

Ann and Jacques Pokoyk

Ms. Fiona Post

Ms. Cynthia Prucha

Joanne Rodgers in memory of Gertrude Poe

Steven Rosenberg & Stewart C. Low III

Jennifer Rossmere

Linda Ryan

Edward and Norma Salem

Roger and Diane Schmidt

Betty Ansin Smallwood

Leslie F. Smith and Stacy P. Smith

Roger and Carolyn Sorensen

Dr. Judi Sprei

Janet Springer

Vanessa Stiffler-Claus

Donald and Mary Street

Frank and Rosemary Sullivan

Jason Townsend & Kevin Dang

Silvia B. Trumbower

Louis and Diana Ulman

Debby Vivari

Anthony Vogt

Ms. Susan L. Wellman

Kendra and John Wells

Waldo Wentz

Richard and Susan Wilby

Ms. Katherine Williamson

Mr. Bertram Willis

Olga and Eldon Yoder

Mr. and Dr. Philip Zipin

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