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Education and Outreach

In addition to performing, national Players also offer educational theatre workshops for all ages, from young children to seniors. Each member of National Players is a skilled teaching artist and can cater the workshop to the age, skill levels, and abilities of the students. Our workshops can be integrated and applied to most curricula and can be done inside and outside the classroom. Workshops last for a minimum of 45 minutes, and are best with groups of no more than 30 people.

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Workshop offered:

  • Text in Context - A great compliment to students studying the play's text or seeing our production. Learn from the actors themselves and get an inside look at the production process. Students can discuss the play’s characters and themes, as well as why these classics still matter with guidance from the National Players.
  • Stage Combat - An introduction to the methods of creating believable and—most importantly—safe stage fighting. Through practice and demonstration, participants begin by building trust with a partner and can progress to learning classic stage combat moves like slaps and punches—all in a day’s work in creating dynamic stage fights.
  • Acting and Improv - Step out of your comfort zone and practice thinking on your feet. Learn some tricks of the trade with the National Players to help you become a better actor or practice taking risks through fun theatre games and activities.
  • Speak the Speech: Shakespeare - Shakespeare isn’t intimidating when it’s taught by the National Players. The characters and themes of his plays are relevant even in modern situations. See Shakespeare through new eyes with this engaging class that is a combination of text study, discussion, and performance practice.
  • The Noise Within: Voice - This workshop is for everyone and is much more than learning how to speak loudly. By learning basics such as breath control and sound placement, you can use your physical voice to the greatest effect—whether you’re performing eight shows a week, presenting a report in class, or speaking up when it matters.
  • Command the Room: Movement - Your body communicates even more information than your words. Through movement exercises and ensemble work, the National Players will help you take command of your space and use your body to communicate effectively and safely both on and off the stage.
  • Word to Action: Playwriting - Everyone has a story to tell, and writing a play is a great way to share it. Be inspired to share your voice with guidance from the National Players while learning what makes plays unique. This class is a great option for beginners exploring the elements of story all the way to the next up and coming playwrights interested in hearing their words read aloud.

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