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The holiday season is a whimsical time of year. Everything is big, jolly, and full of surprises such as our holiday show Singin’ in the Rain. There are a lot of different design and production elements that go into putting on such a spectacular holiday treat, so here are some of the numbers that revolve around Singin’ in the Rain.


700+ light cues

191 coats collected (so far) for Interfaith Works by our One Warm Coat drive

160 pom pom balls on the cake displayed in “All I Do is Dream of You”

115 command hooks for different costume and prop pieces backstage

77 gallons of paint were used for the set

58 Singin’ in the Rain performances

50 people worked on Singin’ in the Rain

40 pairs of shoes were purchased

38 sound cues

35 fly rail cues

33 rehearsals

31 roses on the cake

25 line sets used (the fundamental part of the fly system which allows the crew to fly in scenery)

25 wigs in the wig room

20 umbrellas located on stage left

20 wigs worn

20 cast members

20 gallons of water for rain per performance

17 musical numbers

17 chairs/benches

16 period-specific lighting fixtures

15 costume changes for Rhett Guter

10 musicians in the orchestra

5 picture frames on R.F. Simpson’s mantle

3 topiaries

2 fiddles on yo-yo strings

1 pie to the face per show








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