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This Saturday, February 1, our free-open house, Miss You Like Home, will celebrate what it means to be at home in America today. To close out the day, everyone is invited to participate in our first ever StorySlam! Prepare a 3-5 minute story about "home," whatever that means to you. Whether that be moving into a new house, navigating a new country, or missing an old one. We ask people to think about the people, food, sights, and memories that make you feel at home. Anyone can share their story online or share it in person either at the upcoming StorySlam or at another one we're planning for the Spring.! 

To kick things off, OTC Artistic Director Jason Loewith submitted his own story about the meaning of home. Listen to his story about how a house that didn't feel like home, became one: 

  • "When I was twelve my mother passed away. So for my pre-teen adolescent and early teen years, it was just me and my dad rattling around in this big house together."

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