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The epic Oil, now playing in our Mulitz-Gudelsky Theatre Lab takes place over three centuries, in multiple parts of the globe, and therefore covers a very wide range of topics. It features conversations about feminism, capitalism, relationships between mothers and daughters, imperialism, and of course… oil. Although it is far from preachy, audience members definitely leave with their relationship with one of the world’s most precious resources on their mind. That’s why we partnered with the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection to provide our audience with some more resources to think about their use of oil and ways to alter their environmental impact.

In our Historic Theatre lobby, the Department of Environmental Protection has set up a resource table for our patrons. The table holds an informative poster that shares all the different things we use oil for, as well as how we can use less of it. There’s pamphlets to take home for more information. Also, there’s a sign up sheet if you want to receive the Department’s e-newsletter. Many people have decided they want to be in the know. Make sure you stop in the lobby after you see the show to join in!

Just a little ways up the street, the fun continues. The Department of Environmental Protection has also set up a display at the Olney Library and this one is interactive! In addition to the resource materials for people to take home, there is a large oil drum in the center. On it, the question is posed: “What is one way you pledge to use less oil this year?” And there are oil droplet stickers for people to write their answers. Many people of all ages have participated. Some of the answers include: use energy efficient appliances, get a quick home energy checkup, walk or bike more, switch to clean energy, and lots more. Take a look below at some of people’s answers, and get inspired to contribute your own!


There are a lot of interesting topics to grapple with after seeing Oil. Your own relationship with oil and what you can do to prevent the state of things in the last two acts (you’ll have to see the show to know what I’m talking about) is definitely one you should hold on to!

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