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Meet National Players Tour 72!

  • Savannah Gomez

    Savannah Gomez

Name and pronouns? Where are you from/currently residing?

My name is Savannah, but I go by Sav. My pronouns are she/they. I'm from Muskegon, MI, but I live in Silver Spring, MD now.

What drew you to theatre?

I've always loved stories. I was an avid reader when I was a kid, and when life became difficult, I found solace in those stories. As I got older, I realized that I didn't just enjoy reading stories, but I loved telling them as well. I discovered away to do this in middle school, when I took my first theatre class. I've been doing theatre ever since.

What drew you to National Players?

I learned about the Players when I came to Olney for a costuming apprenticeship. Learning that they were a self-contained theatre company really appealed to me because it was an opportunity to use the skills I learned over the course of my apprenticeship and to get back into acting. I'm also excited to try my hand at teaching; I've been toying around with the idea of eventually teaching acting classes in a university setting, so National Players is a good opportunity to figure out if I actually do that. The plays that were chosen for Tour 72 really stood out to me as well; A Raisin in the Sun and A Midsummer Night's Dream are shows I've wanted to perform in since I was maybe 13 years old, and I wanted to jump on the chance to finally do it.

What are you most looking forward to on the tour?

I'm most looking forward to bringing theatre into areas that would otherwise not have it. I grew up in a town that didn't have a huge theatre scene -  I was honestly lucky it was taught in my school at all, so I'm excited to bring theatre to kids (specifically) who grew up in places like I did, who may not have the chance to see a play without the tour.

What do you hope to do after the tour?

After the tour, I hope to continue performing and costuming in the DMV.

What’s something you want people to know about you?

I use my free time to continue storytelling, just in a different way - I play a ton of Dungeons & Dragons lol. My main game has been going for almost 2 years now with a group from the 2019-2020 OTC apprentice class. I also have a D&D actual play podcast with 3 of those former apprentices. It's called Bad Idea: A D&D Podcast or BIDDPOD, for short.


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