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This show is archived

Due to illness, this event has been postponed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fal e Hafez (Divination with the Odes of Hafez)

In the Persian tradition, whenever one faces a difficulty or a fork in the road, or even if one has a general question in mind, one would hold that question in mind, and then ask the Oracle of Shiraz Hafiz for guidance.

More often than not, Hafiz, in his own enigmatic way, would sing to the questioner and through the song, would get the questioner to look in the mirror of his/her soul. Upon reflection in the mirror of Hafiz's Ghazal one would be inspired with an answer, a guidance or a direction.

Traditionally, the first line upon which the eyes of the reader fall, would give the answer to the direct question, and the rest of the Ghazal would give further clarification.

In this program, we will pray together and make one united intention set, then we open the book of Hafez Qazals and follow the specific instructions that have been in place for centuries to guide readers to their destination.

There will be coloring sheets for children and the poetry reading will also be performed on frame drum called Daf.


2023-24 Community Events
Part of the 2023-24 Community Events

Meet the Host

  • Kamyar Arsani

    Kamyar Arsani is an Iranian multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter based in Washington DC. Through his solo work and numerous collaborations, Arsani creates music across an array of styles, ranging from classical Persian music to genre-defying electronic experimentation. A teacher, performer and scholar of the daf (the Iranian frame drum.) Arsani has been a featured artist at the Kennedy Center, the Library of Congress, Voice of America, Georgetown University and numerous other stages throughout the region.


Fal-e-Hafez with Kamyar Arsani

Saturday March 16th 2024 at 5:00pm

Box Office: 301.924.3400

Open Wednesday - Sunday: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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