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Interested in having National Players visit your community? Contact the Community Engagement and Touring Coordinator Rebecca Dzida at

We’ve gone to New Mexico, South Dakota, Florida, Maine, and everywhere in between, performing in schools, concert venues, performing arts centers, and more.

In addition to performing, National Players also offers educational theatre workshops for all ages, from young children to seniors during the school day or as supplementary programming.

Masterclasses are built to meet curricula, and are adaptable for students of all grade levels and backgrounds. Sample topics include:

  • Post-show talkback: National Players offers complimentary audience discussions following each performance. From production choices to career inquiries, these conversations create an open dialogue between cast and audience-- an experience that is always unique and engaging.
  • Text in Context: A great compliment to students studying the play's text or experiencing theatre for the first time. With the actors providing guidance, mine the story's action, characters, and theme for consistent relevance today and broader discourse across studies.
  • Stage combat: An introduction to illusion and the methods of creating believable, safe stage fighting. Through practice and demonstration, participants learn classic hair pulls, slaps, and punches to build dynamic stage fights.
  • Acting and Improv: Explore methods, exercises, and tricks of the trade with the acting company to help you become a better actor or get more comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Practice thinking on your feet through group games and activities.
  • Speak the Speech: Decoding Shakespeare: This engaging class illuminates the journey an actor takes to bring Shakespeare's words to life. Through verse work and scene analysis, see Shakespeare through new eyes as you tackle language, characters, and situation.
  • The Noise Within: Discover your voice: A good pairing with "Command the Room." Acting is much more than speaking loudly! Learn the basics of breath control, sound placement, and being heard above the crowd. From performing an eight-show week to presenting boardroom reports, this class is for everyone.
  • Command the Room: Movement Onstage: A good pairing with "The Noise Within." The actor's body is your first and best tool onstage. From focused solo work to becoming part of the ensemble onstage, this class offers an introduction to Viewpoints, Alexander Technique, and more.
  • Word to Action: Playwriting: An introduction to what makes plays special from finding inspiration to tell your story to exploring the unique elements of play structure. A great option for beginners interested in sharing their voices or the next up and coming playwrights.


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