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Special thanks to these donors who stepped-up to sponsor The Olney Home Hour

Principal Series Sponsors
Ray and Ellen Youstra

Productions Sponsors
Margaret T. Roper and Clifford L. Johnson 
Bill & Jen Youstra   

Artist Sponsors
Sandy Bieber and Linda Rosenzweig sponsoring William Michals
Phyllis and David Bottegal sponsoring Eleasha Gamble
Paul Henderson sponsoring Jay Frisby   
Andi Kasarsky sponsoring Bobby Smith in honor of Susan Finkelstein 
Margaret T. Roper and Clifford L. Johnson sponsoring Jessica Lauren Ball  

Watch Episode One: Seasons of Joy


William Michals
Jessica Lauren Ball
Jay Frisby
Eleasha Gamble
Bobby Smith

The children of Matilda

Nina Brothers
Elizabeth Coffey
Ella Coulson
Ainsley Deegan
Emiko Dunn
Patrick Ford
Sebastian Gervase
Sawyer Makl
Kai Mansell
Eliza Prymak
Hudson Prymak
Jack St. Pierre
Camiel Warren-Taylor

Producer Christopher Youstra

Charlie Brown sketch directed by Jenna Duncan

Pandemic Theatre Center
written and directed by Jason Loewith

Video editing Emily Jerison
Sound engineering Matt Rowe 
Music & orchestrations and sound engineering Christopher Youstra

“Cool Yule” sound engineered by Larry Friedman

Box Office: 301.924.3400

Open Wednesday - Sunday: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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