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In honor of Halloween coming up, we wanted to share with you some of our Fall Favorites! If you are looking for last-minute fall activities to do around the area Olney Theatre Center Staff has got you covered. Find out more about festive opportunities in the community and learn how our staff celebrates the season to get you in the fall spirit. 

We asked Olney Theatre Center Staff the question,

What is your Favorite Fall Activity to do in the area?


- Butler’s Orchard Farm Germantown, MD

“Butler’s Orchard Farm, to pick pumpkins, fresh fruits and pies. I've been going to this farm since my kids were little and has always been a tradition to stop by in the Autumn season.” - Yesudian Cruz, Box Office Supervisor 

“It's relatively low-priced, got stuff for our daughter to do (but is near Doc Waters Cidery so the adults can enjoy a beverage), and the general store has a lot of great things to buy (fresh produce, sauces, baked goods, just to name a few). The apple cider doughnuts are a must!” - Colleen Robinson Miller, Advancement Operations Manager

- Fall Fun Fest at Gaver Farm Mt. Airy, MD

“It is what I always imagined a real fall experience would be growing in the Arizona desert with no change of seasons.” - Dina Goldman, Director of Advancement

- Miller Farms Clinton, MD

“Enjoying the weather and yummy treats.” - Matthew Rowe, Sound Supervisor

- Harvest Festivals 
(Summers Farm Fall Festival, Montpelier Farms Fall Festival, Maryland Corn Maze)

“Speaks to the season.” - Chris Youstra, Director of Music Theatre

- Apple picking at a local orchard!
(Homestead Farm, Waters OrchardButler's Orchard, Larriland Farm, Rock Hill Orchard)

“There is so much beautiful greenery in this area, and on a crisp fall day, walking through an orchard is simply an unmatched activity. Plus, I love to bake, and there are few things more satisfying to me than making an apple pie from scratch with apples I picked myself!” - Eleanor Sobczyk,  Individual Giving and Special Events Manager 

“It's my first fall in the area but back home I love going apple picking so I'm hoping to find a grove or farm to do the same down here! I like making apple hand-pies with the apples and sometimes I make apple compote or crisp. Then on cold fall mornings I can have warm apple crisp with a little cream over the top for breakfast!” - Julianna Fielding, Costumes and Wardrobe Apprentice


Events that Get Your Spooky On:

- Field of Screams Olney, MD

“I love going to Haunted Houses! I go every year to as many as I can. Field of Screams in Olney is awesome but my absolute favorite is at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Anytime someone dresses up like a monster in a creepy maze and they jump out at me I am filled with complete happiness. I look at them like theatre productions. "How did they make that creepy sound? Where is the fog coming from? Wow that blood looks real I wonder how they made it." I even use things I learn from haunted houses and use them in my job in more traditional theatre settings.” - Sabrina Bordeaux, Stage Operations Manager

Field of Screams, the one in Pennsylvania not Maryland (there is a difference). It's worth the drive!  It is so scary. You can also go to a pumpkin patch on the way for cute photos and pumpkin picking!” - Chris Weaver, Patron Services Manager

- Markoff's Haunted Forest Montgomery County, MD

“Huge bonfires? Check. Amazing theatrical design in the woods? I love it when things go bump in the night and the adrenaline rush of turning a corner (as long as it's not happening at my house, of course.) And Markoff's Haunted Forest does it amazingly well. It's an immersive trail that takes you through elaborate scenes, all designed to send chills down your spine. Plus, their midway is a really cool vibe with bonfires and a DJ.” - Sarah Straub, Associate Director of Marketing

- Ghost Tours
(Savage Mill Ghost Tours, Historic District Ghost Tour, Laurel's House of Horrors, Fort Howard Haunted Dungeons, Annapolis Ghost Tours, Chesapeake Ghost Tours, Bennett's Curse, Legends of the Fog)

“I love the mix of folklore and history, and there is always the chance you might see a ghost.” - Rachel, Box Office Associate

- Watching Hocus Pocus

“Objectively, it's the best Halloween movie.” - Rebecca Dzida, Director of Education and Training 

- The Brother’s Paranormal at Olney Theatre Center Olney, MD

“For me, when it gets cold I like to be inside. Getting to see a show that is action-packed with illusions and jump scares where I can be on the edge of my seat is a must-have so I don't have to brave the cold. It’s only here at Olney Theatre Center until the 29th though!” - Sarah Jane Christensen, Marketing and Advancement Apprentice


Community Hub Spots:

- Olney Farmers and Artists Market Olney, MD

“I love the variety of local businesses.” - Hallie Gordon, Senior Associate Artistic Director 

- Sipping Hot Drinks at Coffee Shops
(PJ's Coffee, Kaldi's Social House, Bump 'n Grind Coffee Analog Market)

“I'm new to the area but every fall I highly anticipate the return of the pumpkin spice latte. It's so good!!!” - Lynreshay Johnson, Company Manager

- Visiting the Maryland Renn Faire Crownsville, MD

“There's food and fanfare. It's fun to see people dressed up in the Renaissance garb and watch the jousting. And did I mention, FOOD!” - Dannielle Hutchinson, Associate General Manager 


Anytime, Anywhere Fun:

- “Shuffling through leaves in the woods with the dogs on a chilly, sunny day.” - Jason Loewith, Artistic Director

- “Running! I love running anytime, but especially in the fall. Temps are perfect and the colors of the trees make me happy and feel grateful to live here in Maryland. “ - Debbie Ellinghaus, Managing Director

- “Watching the leaves change on my commute. It’s magical.” - Fred T. Paul, General Manager

- “Hiking. The weather is amazing, cool and crisp, and the fall foliage is beautiful to look at.” - Sofie, Wardrobe and Costumes Apprentice

- “Reading with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s cozy.” - Grace, Carpentry Apprentice


We enjoyed sharing and know we only caught some of what the surrounding community has to offer. Did any of our staff have your fall favorites this year? A big thank you to all staff who participated in this questionnaire. From our small community to yours, have a safe and happy Halloween!

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