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Olney Theatre Center believes in supporting and inspiring the next generation of theatre makers. As part of this mission, the theatre provides an Apprenticeship Program every year. The Apprenticeship Program is a year-long experience that spans multiple departments and offers emerging theater artists the opportunity to get hands-on experience in their intended arts profession. Meet one of 13 apprentices, Quincy Fuller!


Quincy Fuller (“Q” for short), Sound & Projections Apprentice

Pronouns: He/him

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland

Education/Training: The New School - Contemporary music major

Favorite Show(s): Hamilton, Wicked, Dreamgirls


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Which apprenticeship are you part of at Olney Theatre Center and what does that position involve? 

First of all, I'm a guy who loves great music and great storytelling. Since I was about twelve years old, I've been honing my skills as a beatmaker, vocalist and songwriter, primarily making hip hop music with R&B, Jazz, and pop influences. Recently, musical theater has been a huge source of inspiration for me, and for the past couple months I've had the pleasure of being the Sound & Projections Apprentice at Olney Theatre Center. During my apprenticeship, I have set actors up with customized microphones for their performances, set up PA systems for various events within the Olney theater space, and am currently learning how to do live sound mixing and sound design for shows.

Quincy Fuller doing sound check

Why are you interested in this area of theatre? 

As someone whose background is in music, I've always been interested in exploring audio in a multitude of ways. I love helping to create experiences that bring people joy and inspiration, and sound often plays such a huge role in this, particularly in theater productions. From music, to sound effects, to the way actors' vocals are mixed as they're saying their lines, I feel like audio is such a powerful force that can leave people feeling genuinely moved when done well.

What was your first interaction with the arts?

I remember seeing the very first "Spider-Man" movie when I was like five years old and thinking "this is the coolest thing ever!" Looking back, I think that movie really sparked my imagination and planted the seed for me to eventually decide that I wanted to spend as much time doing creative things as possible. My sister is a visual artist and I remember having a lot of fun drawing and making up stories with her when we were kids.

What inspired you to get involved with theatre? 

I went to college in New York City, where I spent a lot of time around people who were into acting, improv, and theater. After getting to see shows like Wicked, The Lion King, and Hamilton on Broadway, I knew that theater was a world I wanted to explore, especially because I could tell from being in the audience that an incredible amount of love and passion went into putting those shows together.

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

Right now, the words that resonate with me the most when it comes to my art are "love, healing, relaxation, excitement, and Freedom." So with most of the stuff I've been working on, whether it's an album or a script or whatever else, I've been aiming to channel at least one or more of those vibes. I'm also really passionate about self-care advocacy, so that's been a pretty consistent theme in my music especially.

Why do you want to pursue a career in the arts?

Being a part of the art world makes me feel connected to my inner child and I find it to be super fulfilling to work with a team to bring something beautiful from the imagination into real life.

What do you like to do outside of theatre? 

I really enjoy going to concerts (especially R&B concerts), movies (especially superhero movies), restaurants (especially Italian restaurants) and comedy shows (especially… funny comedy shows). I also love taking walks in nature when it’s warm outside and spending quality time with friends and family.

What is your favorite part of this apprenticeship so far?

This apprenticeship is my introduction to working in theater, so I would say that my favorite parts about it have been: getting to see first-hand how shows get put together, getting to know so many amazing people who have an immense love for theater, and discovering for myself that this kind of thing is something I would want to do for years to come.

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