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There’s no better way to spice up the holiday season than with some healthy competition. This past week, the actors and crew of Singin’ in the Rain held a door decorating competition and seven different teams competed for the ultimate prize: the Golden Guter. The teams were also going head to head for the right to win Splaine’s (Sarah Splaine, Deck Chief/Shop Foreman) Choice Award.

The OTC dressing rooms and green room space are no stranger to door decorating competitions. The last competition was held during the run of Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical. In fact, two ensemble members from that production, Quynh-My Luu and Sebastian Gervase, came back to judge this holiday contest.

After hours of planning and decorating, the time for the judging process came. On Christmas Eve, the teams found out who won each prize/award. The winner of the beloved Splaine’s Choice went to the wardrobe team whose door portrayed Santa holding a bottle of bourbon. For this win, they were given Play-Doh. After much anticipation, the winners of the Golden Guter were Ariel Messeca, Ian Anthony Coleman, Ian Saunders, and Connor Reilly whose door portrayed a variety of holiday and pop culture references. Chris Genebach presented the Golden Guter to Ian Anthony Coleman during bows at the Christmas Eve performance. In the holiday spirit, all of the teams were awarded small prizes. One team was given clementines, another was given fruit by the foot, and so on.

No matter who won or lost, the dressing rooms are now beautifully decorated until the end of the run.

Shoutout to Stephanie Condon who was my eyes and ears during this door decorating contest




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