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India Development Relief Fund presents: Global Celebration of Dance, a program for and by the community in support of OTC and Shri Kunjbehari Agrawal Educational Trust (KBAET) which was established in 2006 with two primary objectives: 1) to improve the quality of education; and 2) to increase accessibility of free education to a targeted population of under-privileged students in the community. 

KBAET initiated a coaching program to supplement the curriculum at government-aided schools in order to elevate education levels and enable them to compete for higher studies.  This coaching is provided free for all students in 8th grade, for a nominal fee for students in 9-12th grades; however, absolutely free for students in the targeted community population.  Over 700 students have completed the program thus far. Expansion beyond the 200 current participants is underway via owned school buses that provide free and safe transportation from more remote areas to the facility, enabling more females to participate in a secure and safe environment.  

Dances are being performed by many community groups such as: 

  • Turkish
  • Swiss
  • Irish
  • Indian
  • and more 
2019-20 Season
Part of the 2019-20 Season

Global Celebration of Dance

Sunday July 12th 2020 at 5:00pm

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