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Help transform Olney Theatre Center's facilities to meet the needs of a world-class home for artists

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Olney Theatre Center will better realize artists' visions for impactful storytelling by building a state-of-the-art technical center for our production shops.

Olney Theatre’s production shops can no longer sustain the 250+ performances that occur yearly on campus. Undersized shops and aging equipment often limit our ability to fully execute the bold visions proposed by designers. Moreover, these inadequate facilities diminish our ability to train the next generation of theater makers adequately so that they are prepared to work in other venues. The theatre cannot wait any longer to address our critical need for new production spaces.


The new Makers' Center will: 

► Advance Olney Theatre’s ability to produce innovative technical design on all our stages

► Provide the next generation of artists with a state-of-the-art facility in which to learn 

► Expand both production and office space for staff to plan and create effectively

► Improve storage capacity on campus, thereby reducing waste

Expanded and all-inclusive production shops

Olney Theatre Center's technical production staff need modern facilities in order to meet the demands of contemporary theatre. The Makers' Center will contain several new production shops, including the new Victor Shargai Costume Shop (pictured). Each space will be outfitted with cutting-edge equipment so that our staff can grow their craft and train the next generation of theatre makers.

A new production office suite

Currently, most members of Olney Theatre's production staff do not have a permanent office in which to meet with each other and plan their projects. The Makers' Center will provide Olney Theatre's production staff with much-needed work space so they can continue to engineer the first-rate productions our audiences have come to expect.

"Olney Theatre Center has an amazing culture of guiding technicians, administrators, and artisans who are at the early stages of their theatrical journey. A state-of-the-art-space that is dedicated, not only to creating the vibrant worlds our guests experience every single production, but also focuses on learning and mentorship, will serve to elevate the caliber of our work, as well as ensure the future of quality storytelling here and beyond."

-Jerid Fox, Director of Production

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