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We’re thrilled you’ll be joining us. Whether this is your first time at Olney Theatre or the first time at any live theatre, we want to answer some common questions about what to expect.

The great thing about theatre is that at the same time you can see and hear the actors, they can see and hear you. They feed off the energy from the audience: your applause and laughter as well as your gasps and tears. Please keep that in mind and treat the performers and fellow audience members with respect.

Dress Code

We want you to be comfortable! Many people come directly from work or school and wear those clothes to the theatre. Others come in everything from jeans to a jacket and tie. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable. Also, keep in mind that the theater is frequently air-conditioned, so even during warm weather a jacket or light sweater is a good idea.

At the Theatre

Here’s a quick checklist to review before taking your seat:

  • Turn off your cellphone (we recommend “Airplane Mode”). The light and noise they make, even when on “vibrate,” can be a big distraction. So, wait to send that text or post to social media until intermission or after the show.
  • If you are wearing headphones, take them off. Even if you think no one else can hear what you’re listening to, believe us, in a theater everyone hears it. Besides, if you are wearing earphones, you’re likely to miss some important dialogue.

  • No food or chewing gum in the theater. You know how much noise you make when you’re chewing? Please also unwrap any cough drops or hard candies prior to the start of the performance.

  • Visit the restroom prior to taking your seat. We don’t want you to miss a moment of the performance and while emergencies happen, it can be very distracting to other audience members and the performers (remember, they can see you!).

During the Performance
  • The performers act, you react! We want your honest and outloud reactions to the play you’re seeing. So laugh, applaud and enjoy yourself. However, save your comments and discussions of the play until after it is over. Even quiet conversations can be very disruptive.

  • Wait until intermission to look for something in your bag or backpack. People tend to make more noise than they realize.

  • Don’t leave early. Exiting during the performance is very distracting to the performers and other audience members. We understand emergencies happen, but please try to avoid leaving during the action.

After the Performance
  • Select performances have post-show discussions which normally begin after a brief break to re-set the stage.

  • Please be careful exiting the parking lot and obey all traffic signals.

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