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Harassment Free Workplace

Olney Theatre Center for the Arts - Anti-Harassment Affirmation


Olney Theatre Center Corporation/Olney Theatre Center for the Arts (“Olney Theatre

Center”) strives for a workplace environment that fosters mutual trust and is free of

intimidation, oppression and abuse. Our mission is fulfilled by nurturing an atmosphere

that inspires creativity and collaboration, promotes empathy, and celebrates the human

spirit. Therefore, it is our top priority to establish and maintain work conditions in which

all people are treated with dignity, decency and respect.


We are appalled by the allegations and confirmed accounts of sexual harassment that

are plaguing the arts and entertainment industry and other industries across the nation.

In this environment, we believe it is vital to reaffirm our stance on harassment: there is

simply no tolerance for harassment, assault or abuse, sexual or other, at Olney Theatre

Center. No woman, man, transgender, bigender, agender, genderless, pangender, or

other such identity will be abused, victimized or marginalized at Olney Theatre Center.


No one should be forced to choose between her/his/their personal safety and dignity,

and her/his/their job. Sexual discrimination and harassment and gender-based violence

all too often occur in the intimate and physical context of a theater production or theater

environment. At Olney Theatre Center, we will not tolerate such behavior.


We know that workplace culture is determined from the top; therefore, our Board of

Directors, Executive Team and Senior Staff pledge to model behavior that promotes

positive, supportive, safe and comfortable conditions where everyone is given equal and

fair opportunities for learning, advancement and professional growth. We will not only

work to prevent harassment on our campus; we also commit to being part of the

solution field-wide to eliminate harassment, discrimination and abuse in our industry.